Printable Parlay Cards provides a wide selection of bar parlay card games that you can use to market your bar business for the 2016 Football Season!

Parlay cards can help improve your bar business in many ways including:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: Patrons will be carrying a parlay card with your bar logo in their pocket all week and will be looking at it all day on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Increase Customer Duration: Increase your weekday orders by offering parlay cards after multiple during purchases. Customers will buy extra drinks to get the opportunity to play parlay cards.
  • Increase Customer Frequency: Customers will return every week to get their weekly parlay card.
  • Decrease Marketing Costs: Parlay cards are both economical and effective. (Cheap advertising, way better than flyers that you place on cars!)
  • Build a Marketing Database: Each filled out parlay card will contain customer contact information (Email and phone). Parlay Cards will allow you easily market different promotions and special events.

CLICK  HERE to check out our free bar parlay cards and our templates for custom Bar Parlay Cards

Sample Card Below (Front and Back)

Bar parlay card 1   Bar parlay card 2


Please view our example bar parlay card templates to see the different formats we can offer.  We will design a custom bar parlay card to your specifications (with your marketing and advertising information) for $199 for the entire 2016 NFL and College football season.  Every week (on Monday afternoons) we will e-mail you your parlay card for the upcoming football weekend.

If you are interested in having a parlay card designed for you contact Jim at 303-596-6739 (Texting works best during the day).  You can also email us at [email protected].

We also offer free bar parlay cards (without customized advertising and rules).  Check them out in our Free Bar Parlay Section

We also offer pre-perforated paper to marry up with your parlay card (Just open the file we send you and print!)  Click here to view the different perforated paper packages.