Custom Parlay Cards

We have designed over 200 different custom cards over the years.  If you have interest in custom parlay cards please call 303-596-6739 (TEXTING WILL GET YOU A FASTER RESPONSE DURING THE DAY) or e-mail [email protected]. We have several examples of custom parlay cards that we have developed for customers last year. Custom parlay cards are e-mailed directly to you each week on Monday nights.   Season passes for custom parlay cards can range from $169 to $239 for the season depending on the amount of work to develop the card.

Custom Parlay Card that requires less than an hour to design $189.95/season
Custom Parlay Card that requires between 1 to 2 hours to design $239.95/season
Custom Parlay Card that requires more than 2 hours to design $279.95/season

(Call prior to purchase to confirm price)

Custom Card Design and Distribution Process

  1. Call or text Jim at 303-596-6739 to discuss the parlay card design you want.
  2. Agree on a design and a price (We will likely send you several example custom parlay cards to compare if you don’t have a specific design in mind)
  3. We will design a draft parlay card for your review
  4. Once you agree to the design you pay the agreed upon price for the NFL/College football season
  5. Every Monday afternoon or night you will receive an e-mail with a link to download your weekly custom parlay card